Friday, January 23, 2009

To Honor My Amazing Husband!

I felt strongly about giving a special, and separate "Thank You" to my Husband John (besides he didn't tell me if their was a certain amount of words you can put in one post, this surely would be a small detail to me but maybe a biggy for him! Remember he gave me special instructions! Ha!)

I did want to share with him and anyone who reads this, just what kind of Man he really is! I have to begin with thanking God, because I know he was hand-picked especially for me!
I love and respect so many things about him! The real reason I fell in love with him well, besides God's providence, is the humility he has always displayed. He has always amazed me with this. And if you have been around the opposite, you know exactly what I am talking about! What a great example for me, our children and everyone who is privileged to be around him! I have never seen him brag about himself, and so many things I have seen him accomplish! He doesn't try and impress people with his knowledge, wisdom or anything else. He is not prideful and arrogant and reminds others what he learns from them. He is very genuine and
encourages others strengths. Arrogance and Big Ego's(those that have to tell you how good and smart they are; aren't that smart or good) that has never impressed me, but his humility inspires me! He has never had to be "the guy" or have "the credit", even when he deserves it and I love that about him!

I have always loved his sense of humor, he has been blessed definitely with this trait and it is also inherited. His dad was so much the same in many ways. All that know him know this about him. It shows up clearly in the
Happy Birthday Blog he wrote for me, he is a blast!
Another amazing piece of him, that I love and respect dearly, is his compassion, fairness, and desire to help and serve others! What a rare trait and choice he makes especially in the world where many will do what- ever it takes to take from others to serve themselves! He has an abundance of emotional intelligence, and it shows! He is not jealous, revengeful or hateful, even when others are jealous, revengeful and hateful to him! How many people do you know that practices turning the other cheek! He sees no point in playing childish petty games with others lives, he says what he means and means what he says, he is mature in his ways, and stands firm in what he believes! He forgives and moves on! He shows maturity and respect to all! He is such rare air to me!
I also love that he is comfortable being in his own skin, he knows himself well, and the only person he desires to be like is Christ! He knows he was made in the image of God, so much of him is an example of who Christ is, I could ask for no more! Nothing or no one even compares! I love that about him! I love listening to him talk about what he learns from the bible with our children, family, and his friends.
God gave him a very special mind, that he does not squander! His ability to use his mind and heart together to think through problems and solve them is nothing shy of amazing to me! His love for learning and using what he learns is a treasure in itself! He has amazing idea's that he never takes the credit for!
He is the greatest listener and has the patience of an Angel, who always respects others and makes you feel important! He listens intently! What great traits to have! These also are the traits his mother has! This is such a true blessing to all!
He is courageous, nothing to fear, except God, and never has he played the victim. He has told me stories when he was a young boy, growing up with 3 brothers (those of you with kids will relate) children tend to blame the others, so it becomes a discerning challenge sometimes, anyway, they would wear their mother down( as we mom's can relate!) til his mom would finally say, "wait til your dad gets home!" well, when dad came home, most children would forget, but not mom! ha! so they would receive a spankin, yep believe it or not! The most amazing thing ! John would tell me he deserved it! What??!!! Who would ever admit, no way when they have 3 other brothers to blame it on, HA!, just kidding but I am not kidding about John never playing the victim! He is way more mature than that. He takes responsibility and admits when he is wrong and changes what he needs to! He is not a "Justifier" or "Manipulator", he does what is right, regardless of the consequences!! He is amazing!I love his strong believe in God and doing the right thing! He is rock solid and will not sell his soul for anything, not personal gain, nor money, nor anything else. He stands strong in his love for God and knows eternity is his final destination.
He is extremely loyal to His love for God, me, our children, family and friends! He doesn't lie, steal or cheat ( not only is it a huge pet peeve, it is Gods commandments).
I want to thank you John, for being everything I've mentioned here and more! You are inspiration to me in so many ways and love learning from you! It is my honor to be your wife and I pray that I can love, respect, sacrifice with joy in my heart, and fulfill you in every way. I thank you so much for all your love, kindness, and desire to be more like Christ! I love and respect you for being the best dad you can be! I thank you for choosing me as your wife, and want to be everything you've dreamed of, because you are everything I have dreamed of!
I will love you for the rest of my life! I desire to love and fulfill God's purpose in our lives and know we will! I look forward to the journey in this lifetime together! I am grateful for our journey together and know it hasn't always been easy, but also know the greatest challenges God has given us always has and always will catapult us into God's will and destiny for our lives together! Thank You for being a Man that I can Honor! Thank You for Being You and Thank You for letting me be me! Thank You for your patience you show to me! You are my Gift from God, and I pray I will give you all you desire in a wife and more! I Love You for who you are and what you stand for! You are the "sparkle" in my eye!

I love you with all my heart!

P.S. To all you readers that now know a piece of
the man I love, honor and cherish, if you would like to love, honor or cherish, anyone, please do reply we would love to share in that with you!


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