Wednesday, March 18, 2009



I mentioned in the last post that the boys were going on a 2 day camping adventure, but came back less than 24 hours later, with no sleep of course, (who CAN sleep when they go camping) I heard all about their adventure, they had to come home to sleep! First, they got there later than expected, I was texting them to see how they were doing and they were to tired to start a fire HA! (it's the growing 6 inches at a time, that requires teenagers to sleep A LOT! Anyway, as I thought, I saved these boys from starving to death, by sending Shasta's homemade cookies! They told me that's all they ate, see mom's do know best! Now, I know this isn't the healthiest, but it saved them from eating bark! Anyway, because there were so many thorns where they picked to camp, they had to "climb up this mountain" and of course jump across this big rock, with all their camping gear (way dangerous!), this must have made them so tired, they only had enough energy to set up camp.They were to tired to make the fire, to cook their hot dogs! (was to much work to find the wood!) Sounds like one of them guys fishing story, doesn't it! So, anyway, they had parked the White Durango, and while they were at their camp someone decided they would throw a bunch of huge mud balls, all over it! Well, when they discovered this, they were going to prepare for "Battle", until Dakota's parents said it was best to come home, well that saved the "Battle" from happening, because they wanted to find out who did this! On, the way home Nathan fell asleep, and Dakota was dozing so he did the right thing and pulled over to take a snooze, 10 minutes into it a Sheriff decided they shouldn't be sleeping, to go home, (He wasn't very polite apparently, it is too bad, they weren't doing anything illegal, we need adults to praise our kids when they do the right thing! We have traveled a lot and have had to make the same decisions before. Falling asleep at the wheel and seriously injuring, or worse, themselves or someone else, would have obviously been the wrong thing! Wonder what that Sheriff would have said if it were HIS boys? It was like he couldn't catch them doing anything wrong so apparently being rude was the answer?? The other Big Adventure to their story, was they were by a creek or river ( it has been 60's and 70's today, but only for 2 days, so creeks and rivers ARE NOT WARM!) but because it seemed like a cool thing (Definitely A GUY IDEA!) they walked on the log and then, jumped in and swam to the shore? What?!! Does this sound like a fun thing to you? I would have explored the flowers or tried to skip rocks,read a book by the creek, or ANYTHING other than try to experience FREEZING COLD WATER! I better re-read "Wild at Heart!" They really enjoyed telling me this story, like that was the best part of their ADVENTURE! I love listening to their stories, they really are fascinating! So, they came home and slept their less than 24 hour "ADVENTURE OFF!"

I did ask them if they were upset with me for sharing on this blog, their secret about why they ended up in the dance class, and they replied: "No, they are pretty sure, "the girls" already know this! They are so funny! The last thing they told me was, they want me to put "THEIR PHONE NUMBERS ON THE BLOG! I WON'T BE DOING THAT! They are hilarious, they thought it would get some GIRLS calling them!!!!
I love their stories, am not sure, if I get all of the stories and probably more of some stories! This concludes the ADVENTURE of the BIG CAMPING TRIP!
I am blessed and love them both!


Sunday, March 15, 2009


What started out as a joke,( I will get to that later!) turned into an amazing event! This is Nathan (on right, in both pictures) and Dakota( son #2 on left) with "The Girls!",at Iowa State, yesterday. Nathan and Dakota posed for me outside of the theater that they performed their hip-hop, "Watch My Feet" dance competition! If I only knew how to get the video on here! These two are inseparable, they have 2 mom's which they call Mom, me and Dakota's mom (she is a riot!). They have a lot in common, "Girls, girls, girls" and yes, "Fast Cars", and Fighting, (fast things, four wheelers, motorcycle's, paint ball, and fighting; boxing,wrestling, kickboxing or whatever you call that kind of fighting where you can use all of them mixed?!) They for sure fit, the "Battle to Fight" and a "Beauty to Rescue" and the Adventure! They are definitely "WILD AT HEART"(get the book and read it, you can learn to enjoy your boys nature!!) He just asked me yesterday if I would buy him some swords, real ones, not! Some how that is the extent of their vocabulary and thoughts at age "16"! Dakota's parents own 4 wheelers and motorcycles, they own land and let the boys go riding, but they do not go without helmets! They are really good kids and are a lot of fun!! They both like to see how many of their stories I will fall for! I am catching on, I only believe half of what they tell me and laugh at the rest, but they get me a lot! Nathan loves to tell me stories just to see if I will believe him, he really is good at it! I knew he would be a Jokester, from the day he was born! I went into labor April 1st (April fools day) then my labor stopped miraculously, HA! He was then born on the 2nd,.. He got me there! So, he will be 16 in a couple of weeks, and gets his license, EEK! another 16 year old on the road, HA! Dakota has his license and drives a Mustang (the need for speed, fast stuff, and the girls like it)! They both are very lovable kids with tender hearts and I am very proud of them both, Nathan is getting all "A's and "B's"; Dakota is getting there! He does very well in school and they are loved by all their teachers. He is growing up fast, and I will not miss any more of the things he gets involved with, I was foolish and missed a lot, I said I was living my priorities, it can be easy to deceive yourself, if you listen to what others tell you "should do!" My God, My Family, then the rest! He wants to graduate early, and go onto to be an Architect, so does Dakota! I know whatever they choose, they will be great at! I wasn't kidding when I said Nathan is growing up fast, he grew 6 inches in 10 months, and gained 30 lbs.(had to be bone weight!) and the chiropractor said he will be well over 6 feet when he is done growing, according to his growth plates! He gets his height from his mom and dad, Ha, for those of you who know us, I know are cracking up, he is already taller than both us both put together,.. just kidding! He loves to experience different things. So, back to what started as a joke,(this is hilarious, what they will do to satisfy their huge interest in girls!) Well, they started going to the dance studio where naturally all the girls hangout. You have to admit this is a pretty ingenious idea! Nathan was friends with and went to homecoming with, one of the girls that was taking dance lessons, so Him and Dakota decided they would go watch these girls dance, EVERY WEEK, persistent little guys! Because they went TWICE A WEEK! (I don't remember him being this excited about football and wrestling practice, EVER!) so, they started picking up on the dance moves and joking around, but the dance instructor, thought they were doing so well she asked them to be a part of the dance!! They are always up for the challenge, and the kind boys that they are, didn't want to let the instructor down! What a perfect ending, but that wasn't the end, because this dance studio, goes to competitions, I don't think they had a clue! But of course, the boys weren't thinking farther than "The Girls" and when it came to the first performance, which was not a competition, but was IN FRONT OF THEIR HIGH SCHOOL PEERS!, (and couldn't back out!) the reality set in and they were sick for 3 days before this,(Dakota especially, neither fully lost sight of the goal!) but it was hilarious, some how their brains shifted from "The Girls" to "OH MY GOSH, WHAT DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO!" Now you can tell from the picture it is Hip-Hop dance, it's not like they were wearing tights and doing ballet, but some how that is what it felt like for them to go in front of their peers!! I am still laughing at this! I am not sure they will think twice the next adventure they attempt to get around girls, this lesson may have to be repeated again, and again, and again! As, it turned out they did a phenomenal job, and just attended their first amazing competition yesterday, it was a long day (11 am to 10pm) for them and they performed in a theater, in front of probably 1000 people, and judges from Walt Disney, New York, and I don't know where else, they got second,( I am Proud of them!) in the Hip-Hop and did their best, but never really cared about that! They are so focused on girls they don't even realize the value of what they are going through. They had zero fear of getting up in front of ALL THOSE PEOPLE and the JUDGES, they only cared that they got to hang out with all THOSE GIRLS the whole time! If and when they grow out of this stage, WOW, what will they accomplish with that kind of FOCUS, they will be AMAZING! This competition was a lot bigger of a deal, than I thought! I was just going as a supportive and excited mom! They had some amazing dancers that are really serious about, dance, Grandma Morgan, Sierra, her friend, Brittney and I all went and we loved it! They gave away some incredible awards, one guy, was extremely talented and won dance lessons in New York, this summer! So, whatever your goal, YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH IT! Now I know this may give other boy's some idea's, but just remember, what you might get yourself into to!!! So, mom's.. your boys will have to read this at their own risk! The dancing never was important but I think they are having a great time and even liking it, or at least the girls! Since they like "all kinds" of music, I thought I would put a video on here. This video was fitting, they go through these stages, he used to love to jump ramps with his skate board and bike, and now on motorcycles and 4 wheelers, but as all boys do, they grow up and graduate to driving! I pray a lot! I thought this was fitting!

They both watched the General Lee clip and said they were going to do this in the Mustang, now this is when I BEGIN TO PRAY! This is when you are not sure if they are telling stories, I know Dakota wouldn't do anything in his Mustang like that, would he? They are on a camping journey, (have already called to find out directions?! thought they would have this known already, it's a guy thing, you know the "ADVENTURE, and the DIRECTIONS! Oh guess that isn't that important?)!! again, I WILL BE PRAYING! My only instructions were leave the place cleaner than you left it, don't hurt yourselves or anyone else! OH AND NO GIRLS! Make your mom's proud, "okay mom we love you!" Now, I know Dakota's mom gave them a similar talk, but we are not to worry because, even though I haven't had the honor of meeting Dakota's grandparents, that live right next door, I am sure they will be on their best behavior because Grandpa puts the fear of God in them! They both respect him greatly! There's one thing I know for sure, they want to follow what Grandpa tells them, right boys! He definitely is a leverage point for Dakota's mom!!! I really enjoyed having dinner together with Dakota's mom, and the rest of us that went to the competition! She was telling me stories about them that was cracking me up! So, I have a request; all mom's tonight please make sure all your girls are home and join me in a prayer vigil, ha, no, NOT KIDDING!! They are very respectful around girls, and even quiet, I think they are intently studying them! That is one degree, they will be sure to get! I talk to them a lot about the "respect" and "honoring women"! I helped them with a few supplies, and homemade cookies, (that Shasta made, Dakota just loves them)! I asked them if they wanted some napkins they replied: "No, we will be in the wilderness, huh?! another guy thing! The rest I have to leave in GOD'S HANDS! Thank God he answers prayers! It is fun being a mom of boys, but also scary sometimes! We can't protect them from the world, just encourage and love them to doing the right thing, and rely on Grandpa when needed! BECAUSE BOY'S WILL BE BOY'S!!!!
Have Fun, Don't forget to say your prayers!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


There are no coincidences...
Over the past week I have talked to a couple of people who are concerned about their children and grandchildren, both concerning ADD. Shasta, our oldest daughter takes care of a seven year old, autistic boy, that is just adorable! I am so proud of her! I know it isn't easy because he has aggression issues,and is on a ton of medications, you know how I feel about this, check posting below! He is a tough little guy but tender too, he weighs more than her! Sure, she is thin, and will be nineteen this month, but he is only 7 (didn't realize he is 7 now)! He tends to take his aggressions out on her and she gets a little beat up, has bruises, but she amazes me how well she handles him, and understands his disorder. This makes me really sad, to see so many small children suffering with this. We know two other children, who also have autism. So, considering my conversations with my friends and Shasta's little guy, I don't think it is a coincident that I found these websites: and
I was going to just send it to my friends through email, but I felt it could benefit all who maybe seeking answers to some of the difficult challenges they maybe experiencing! There are many people suffering from this. The Sound Therapy Systems website also has information on how to help ADD and ADHD! Honestly, when I found and heard the testimony of Awakening Ashley, it was nothing shy of MIRACLE to me! Go to the website and check it out, you may know someone it could help or even cure,(their family feels it cured, have to have a disclaimer of saying cure, it might offend someone, amazing!!) their autism, like it did for Ashley! I pray this will help someone, who is seeking! Please share your comments if you or anyone else receives any benefits from this! I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!
God Bless,
Live Life Inspired, Live Life Free, and Full of Love!


Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have became very interested in Holistic Healing, Natural, Nutrition, and different Healing Modalities because of my own experience of becoming extremely ill over the last 4 years. I was diagnosed and treated for Graves disease, (Hyper Thyroid). As I look back it was even before then my body was providing signs to something going wrong,(a few years before I had a gallbladder attack and had that removed) and although I was getting regular check ups and asking the questions, it wasn't taken seriously, to dig to find the root cause. More symptoms surfaced and my health began to rapidly deteriorate. This was the beginning of the rose colored glasses being not just broken and shattered, they were crushed! It appeared, the right things were being taken care of but what I discovered was conventional medicine is not interested in the root cause, the cure, or total restoration, they only diagnose and treat the symptoms and PRESCRIBE MANY LEGALIZED DRUGS! How did I miss this my whole life?!! This makes no sense to me! I am not one to take medication, I would rather find the healthy natural route! This was a huge disappointment and needless to say a huge eye opener! I felt I was being deceived, paying thousands of dollars for testing, that brought zero results to my wellness, and not one doctor seemed to care to find the solution, with the exception of some friends, that are Doctors in Wisconsin that was a huge blessing to me! But because of the distance it wasn't feasible to travel that far. I am forever grateful for their free help, advise and concern! What is frightening, is that millions of people are paying billions of dollars to be treated and there is more cancer, heart disease, obesity, auto-immune disease, stroke, ADD, ADHD,Autism, and many more, and the most disturbing is the number of people dieing from taking their prescription drugs (AS PRESCRIBED!), than ever before in history! Nothing can be solved without finding the Root Cause!! I don't believe the answer is more drugs, it is common sense that if you put legal or illegal foreign substances into your body, it will eventually, cause many ill effects( just check out the side-effects) and even death! I was amazed to discover the amount of chemicals added to our foods! Check out what is most advertised; "Prescription Drugs and Food (shocking how much chemicals in our food)!" I am not against doctors, or the health care, and definitely not against Food! "In view of this, I also do my best to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before men (ACTS 24:16).

But why do you suppose anyone doing business would leave out, what to me is the most important information, for the paying consumer? Why wouldn't anyone share the information that would help others make better informed choices? I would feel more informed and more willing to buy from those who are honest, wouldn't you? What is so hard about sharing the truth? I read in a book recently, "The worst lie you can tell, is the lie you tell yourself'." Why do you think some information is kept from others?! Get the facts. My rule of thumb is, if there is hidden information, in anything you are dealing with and those with the answers will not give you an honest answer, for me, then it is time to disregard it! Ask questions, from those who give honest answers and learn more about what "they say you need". God gave you a sound mind! I am a "Why" person! It doesn't take a genius to figure out when someone is trying to sell for their benefit, we all know this! It always goes back to the "Golden Rule"! Just a thought! You might say, they are sharing the harmful side-effects, but we all know the masses believe and trust those promoting and prescribing and "This they know, this is their business, to know what sells!" EDUCATE YOURSELF! Seems like there is so much more hidden, that I am discovering, rather than just being honest and doing the right thing. Hmm.. seems to be a mystery, NOT! Another huge lesson! The key is to learn and educate yourself, ask questions and find credible sources you can trust! Their are people who really care! I believe there is many professionals and proven natural methods that actually get the results we are looking for! There are a lot of good and honest people in business and the world who pour their heart in soul into doing the right thing, that is who I look for! It is absolutely amazing to me how much knowledge and proven methods that there are that bring remarkable results! God gave us everything we needed to sustain, healthy long lives, with the food He provided here on earth! It starts here: "You Are What You Eat", scary for most of us, I know! Watch this informative video, FOOD MATTERS!

I also believe there is a lot of unnecessary deaths, and that to me is an outrage! For example, my mom came to visit me last year and I had to take her to two different Emergency rooms, where she almost died due to the Prescription drugs that was given to her by her Doctor! All 3 specialists told us it was because of the medication!Now, WHY WOULD HER DOCTOR GIVE HER SOMETHING THAT IS GOING TO KILL HER? These 3 Doctors knew it! She spent 3 days in the Hospital and was immediately taken off the medication because it caused internal bleeding!! Why?!! What if it were your mom?Can't imagine why I get so passionate about the truth!!! Unbelievable! Maybe some of it is pride but more telling is the amount of money generated through prescriptions, testing, and the whole gamut of charges related to every ill person who is seeking better health or trying to stay alive! Hmm.. ISN'T IT ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY?! Do we really need billions of dollars worth of Drug Ads? I could think of some amazing charities that could be blessed with all this money! Do you think if money was taken out of the equation, the processes would be the same?! Not against business making money, but isn't it "FIRST DO NO HARM?" I think all would agree, if it would cure, heal, and get the results we all are looking for, it would then be worth it! Since, I began to study and research, to find answers to my own wellness,( to prevent my death, yes it was that immobilizing) I had numerous serious symptoms and sleeping about 18 hours per day. Thank God for my Amazing Husband and children that did what-ever it took to hold everything together, when I couldn't!!! It was definitely a challenge and I know they all feared, I wouldn't make it! My youngest daughter still gets really emotional, and will tell me she doesn't want me to die! I do not fear, my time is in the hands of God, but I wondered, at times, due to the lack of quality of life I had during this time if it wasn't the end for me. God built me to be high energy, and put in my heart to love and serve people, and I questioned, how will I serve others if I cannot stay awake to take care of myself and my family, let alone others! How could I serve my purpose? I would get fatigued from taking a shower and would have to lay down and wake up four hours later! I saw 6 different doctors and thousands of dollars worth of tests to tell me there was nothing wrong!!! Anyone in there right mind, knows THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG! So, I began to search for the truth and through this experience I have acquired a deep desire and have tremendous compassion to help others heal, mind, body, and soul, they all work together! One of the biggest lessons I learned through this event; "Balance",(whole other story!) ( BIG LESSON!) Conventional Medicine, to put it mildly, was a dead end! It became extremely frustrating to never get any answers, and after thousands of dollars in tests, to this day, I haven't gotten any answers, from the medical doctors about what caused me to become so ill. I have made many changes to help myself and am determined to find the solutions! I have ready many books, searched the Internet (what a awesome tool!) and have seen and talked to people I have trusted and found out some real truths. Interesting, some of what I have done, and found to improve my health, my doctors, that I was paying!! Didn't try or even suggest! I am still on my journey, and I don't know what God's Plan for me is through this process, but He does nothing in vain, and I am sure it will unfold. There are no coincidences, and if it is like any of the other adversities that I have experience, and the lessons learned from them, it will be revealed over time, and I always know it is for God's greater good to serve others for His purpose!

One of the things I have found to help on my journey to wellness, is: MONAVIE AN AMAZING PRODUCT, Comprised of 19 fruits from around the world including the Acai Berry, from the Amazon Rain Forest! Research it and find the Value for yourself! Nutritionally it is amazing and produces the Health and Wellness I was looking for! I noticed immediate results within the first 3 days of drinking it! If you have suffered, are frustrated and are seeking answers to your Health concerns, like I am, you definitely want to check it out on the link above. I love the Story of MonaVie, but my favorite part is THE MORE PROJECT, it's no wonder why it is a billion dollar Company!!!

Its nutritional value is not surprising to me since God is the one who created it!

I am forever grateful for what I am learning, all the love and support from friends and family who cared! All the flowers, cards, concerns and love, THANK YOU ALL! I am so grateful for the Mona Vie Product and Company, which has helped our family through some tough times! I received so many blessings and lessons through my darkest trials of being ill. I am grateful for my loving Husband John and children who lived through it daily, and were my saving grace during this time! Most of all, God has given me life, lessons, and drew me even closer to Him! I am looking forward to seeing what this journey will reveal and how I may help others!

I wish you all Health and Wellness in 2009!

Live Life Inspired, Live Life Free, and Full of Love!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Chris Tomlin and Third Day are some of my favorite bands! I would listen to these bands on my walk everyday last summer on my way back to health. It has been proven in studies about music therapy, that it is healing! I don't need any proven studies, I have experienced it and Know it is True!


I read a book last year on our way to "The Ruby Fly In, For MonaVie" (I will make a posting soon on this awesome experience and company!). This Book: Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth, was perfect timing, as all God's plans are! The Book is Amazing, it is full of personal miracle stories, that made a huge impact on my thinking and heart! If you are looking for inspiration, get this and read it. I wanted to have this Psalm on my blog because, it was and is perfect timing to be reminded of one of God's Promise's, for times like these, I love this: